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4 years ago
Weak dick...she was ready for more
3 years ago
His dick is too small for her
3 years ago
He need help fucking her lol
Boom 3 years ago
She was boring asf , pushing him away . It was even big
Stud Eye Candy 3 years ago
Smh so you mean to tell me this been your Queen for 4 years! To have chemistry with a woman is everything to her, having chemistry is how you'll get her wett! Stop expecting her to give oral first! Its not attractive, it's like your actions is already screaming for the need of head. You can get hard right off. It takes a couple of mins for our juices to flow down and get us hot. Bruh fucked her sloppy, uncomfortable, like a rag doll. This why straight women go lesbian. As a woman I feel for her.
Wtf 3 years ago
Who is this weak ass small dick nigga. Stop doin porn bruh frfr. Title should b ebony gets a weak ass anorexic black dick that cant fuk 4 shyt
PrettyPeriod 3 years ago
He only wanted his needs met. She kept sucking his dick, plus didn’t get to ride. Her moans were like she was bored. Been together long time so why a condom? She can already barely feel you with that size let alone with a condom. Her hair and everything about her was boring.
Sexy babe 3 years ago
I need someone to fuck the shit out of me till I squirt
B dub 2 years ago
Big Boy 2 years ago
I love to fuck her